Personal Training / Coaching

" After my sports career I had lost the habit of training and my shape. Antonio helped me to get started with regular exercise, to improve my diet and to create procedures for long-term success – not just a short-term weight loss or exercise intervention. " – Johan Apel (President/ CEO)
Kristina Westerlind – Referenser Personlig Träning
" Antonio gives a very professional impression - with his competence in nutrition, health and exercise he helps you from a holistic perspective which is very good. When I first hired Antonio my goal was to increase my agility and strength. In addition to achieving theses goals I also got rid of the pain in my shoulders and arms that had bothered me for a long time. All this gave me a kick to train more. With his areas of expertise Antonio has provided me with invaluable help in training. " – Kristina Westerlind (Head of Brand and Market research)
Referens Personlig Träning
" I practice mainly running but also cycling and climbing. My desire was that Antonio would help me to become a better runner, strengthen up my trunk and back and get a more balanced body. During our sessions we also discussed the body's balance and how important it is to meet the basic needs (good nutrition, sleep, varied training, etc). Through our training Antonio has led me to train harder, smarter and more efficiently. I now feel much stronger both physically and mentally, and Antonio has given me several valuable "tools" to achieve my goals. I can really recommend Antonio as a trainer since he has many fine qualities and a broad knowledge about physiology. " – JOHAN DACKENBERG (PILOT)
Referens Personlig Träning
" When I started training with Antonio needed to lose weight, get stronger and improve my aerobic fitness. The training was great. It was both varied and fun. He taught me to think from holistic perspective: exercise, food, mental state. I achieved my goal and thought it was so good and rewarding that we went on and found new goals and projects. Antonio is serious in his work. He listens carefully, is discrete and has great integrity. He is very professional and gives great feedback. I can really recommend Antonio. I've always done so and managed to get both friends and colleagues to train with him. I have trained with Antonio for 8 years and if that bastard hadn’t left to Marbella we would had celebrated our "9 years anniversary"! " – An van Ess Johansson, M.D. (Vice President Clinical Development)
Elin Kringstad – Referens Personlig Träning Coaching
" I went to Antonio and asked for help when I couldn’t find any motivation - either with exercise or diet. He helped me to set a goal and then we created a schedule with both diet and exercise. The training gave good results and also I learned how to continue to strive toward new goals in the future. It's obvious that Antonio has a genuine interest and a lot of knowledge about what he does. As a person, he is kind, pedagogic and humble but has also the ability to “push you” when it’s needed. For me it was great that I could get all the parts (personal training, coaching and nutritional advice in a) and from a truly inspirational person and therefore I would also recommend Antonio to everyone! " – Elin Kringstad (student)
Felicia  – Referens Personlig Träning
" My goal was to loose weight from 65 kg to 60 kg within two months. A goal that I also achieved. I really appreciated that Antonio firstly sat down with me and went through my visions and goals. It felt safe and secure when my goals were clear, and Antonio was very clear, helpful and encouraging! I recommend Antonio to those who want to have a positive, clear and professional Personal Trainer. " – Felicia Margineanu (writer / photographer)
" I can recommend to Antonio for all forms of personal development such as improving self-esteem! " – Caroline Bagge (Sales Manager)